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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fish Birthday Tshirt

My colleagues husband is turning 65 this weekend. She asked if I'd could make a special shirt for him. Of course I said yes!

T shirt
Freezer paper
Sure cuts a lot

First, I found a very simple fish stencil online.

Then I traced the image using my software.  I then copied it and made the second fish a little smaller. To add a birthday touch I added birthday hats to the fish.  To do that I added a 'V' and turned it upside down. For the top of the hat I added an '*'. Voila an easy hat!

Once done I cut it with the cricut.

I like to cut my designs on paper first. I allows me to check placement, size and it shows me what size piece of freezer paper I will need.

Once I liked the size I cut it on freezer paper.

Final step is paint.  I like to use puffy paint. Gives it a little bit of depth.

The final product details...

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