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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alphabet Name Canvas

For Lil Man I created a name board for his room. With the addition of munchkin I wanted to do the same but thought it would be fun if it was a little different.

I created this before I thought to enter the world of blogging so I don't have pictures of the process but I can let you know how I did it....I can't take credit for the idea - I found it for sale at a print shop.  It was geared towards girls and I have boys, also it was more than I could afford. I realized, with my Cricut, I could fashion my own version of it and went to town!

Colored paper
Mod Podge

I figured out how many rows I needed based on my kids names.  Using trial and error I found a font size that would allow 8 rows on my canvas.

Once I figured out the height of the letters I used Sure Cuts a Lot to place the letters on the mat. I am sure you can do this without Sure Cuts a Lot, you would just cut the letters using the cartridge font of your choice.

Now the fun begins...again with trial and error I spelled out my rows.  If you planned ahead I am sure you could write out the rows and then cut only what you I am not that prepared I just started by cutting a lot of letters. I wanted Munchkin's name in bold colors so I cut those in fun bold colors.  The rest of the alphabet is cut on black paper. Aligning his name to go down the canvas in a diagonal I filled in the alphabet around.

For example the second Row is the first letter of his Name "J". I placed it towards the left of the canvas.  I then filled in the gaps.  So the row starts with H, and I in black.  The J is in a fun color and then K, L, M, N, etc contiues in Black.

When it is all done his name pops agains the black.

Once the rows are configured comes the glue.  I spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the canvas and placed the first row.  Then I spread another thin layer on to to seal them. I went row by row until they were all attached and sealed.

Once it dried I had a fun sign for his room!

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  1. This is very clever! thanks for linking to Fantabulous Friday!


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