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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glass Jar Menorah

So, I have a LOT of baby food jars...I mean A LOT! 

I have kept most of them for use "later"   We all have "later" craft closet is full of things that I will use "later" So when Hanukkah rolled around I found a way to use some of them "now."  My boys are little...fires are not good around them because they still want to touch.  Enter baby food jars and flameless candles....

Baby Food jars (8 small, 1 larger)
Glass etching creme
Blue painters tape
Cricut or some means to cut out numbers
Ribbon (optional)

I found a font that I liked and using Sure Cuts a lot and my Cricut I cut out the numbers on the blue painters tape. I placed the outline of the numers on the baby food jar and applied the etching creme. Following the instructions I left the creme on the jar.  For the large baby food jar I cut out a Star of David.

Jars, prior to creme application

When the time was up I collected the excess creme and put it back in the jar (waste not want not) and removed the tape.

Voila! I had 8 jars that would count the 8 nights of Hanukkah and one Shamash. For some added color I hot glued blue, silver and white ribbon around the top.

Now, we can light one flameless candle each night and my boys can help but not get hurt. a win win in my book.

Also when they get bigger the jars can help with their counting - put items in the jar to match the number and the boys can practice counting!

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