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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

My New Bathroom

I LOVE IT!!!!!

White Semi Gloss Paint
Green, Yellow, Red, Blue Satin Paint
Small sample paint (light blue, purple, orange)
Purdy Edging Paint Brush

Using a roller I put two coats of white paint over the bland beige and let that sit over night.

The next day using a Purdy Edging paint brusy I went to town with my colors. I found that if you did one half of a circle starting from top and going to the bottom you could get a pretty good circle. The Key was to have enough paint to avoid the feathering. With enough paint you got a good clean line. The paintbrush made it almost too easy to make circles.

The vanity is just painted, I my go back and seal it later but with two little boys I figured I would be changing the colors or fixing their bangups anyway.

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