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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Craft Bug

I have been elbow deep in poop which makes Crafting no fun. My oldest is being moved to a new school this Friday because we have had enough. They send him home after he poops in his pants and neither my husband nor my work is ok with us taking off daily.  He will go to the same school as my munchkin. So at least the silver lining is that I have one drop off and one pick up. Yay!

I have just started crafting a bit...I have found a new use for my laminator! I laminate little stickers and put them in things...Kinda like all the sanitizer/dish soap lables using projector sheets.

I made a few for my son's teachers as a thank you gift. (not intended to be a comment on the pooping, I swear!) I also decoupaughed some canisters to house the pen and a few other trinkets. I will post pix soon.

Last night I put together a weekly calendar using craft paper and contact paper. So easy!
Pix coming soon!
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