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Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't Forget List

I have 30 minutes to get myself showered and dressed, the Munchkins bottles prepared, Lil Man's breakfast heated and packaged, my lunch packed, and both boys dressed (with the groggy help of my hubby) and out the door for work. Needless to say I am frazzled and tend to forget stuff....

Enter the Don't Forget Note.

5x7 Cardstock
Alphabet Letters

With the laminator all nice and ready I ran a cute pre cut 5x7 cardstock through the laminator. Attached some letters that spell "Don't Forget" and taped it up with blue painters tape right by the door. Now I can mark the important things the night before while I am thinking of them and when I am rushing out the door I can take a quick look to make sure I have everything!

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