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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gift Card/Picture Holder

For the holidays I created a simple gift card holder that could also double as a picture frame using my favorite dollar canvas from Michael's. These could be changed to fit your holiday. Red and Pink for Valentine's Day, Primary Colors for Teacher on..

Paper Clip
Scrapbook Paper
Hot glue

First paint your canvas, I painted my a dark blue.

Next, glue some pretty paper on your paperclip

Find matching embellishments, I used green flowers and different colored brads for the center of the flowers to match the colors in the paper.

Finally assemble.  I hot glued the paperclip to the canvas. Then arranged the flowers and hot glued those down.

For the gift card I printed a gift card holder using the Cricut that I found here...

Voila, a simple gift for teachers for the holidays!

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