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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alphabet Name Board

I have finished the polka dots and the final coat of paint on the vanity. I hope to have the big reveal tomorrow!

I have been super busy with the Munchkins First Birthday Party this weekend. I have created two shirts for him and will be making lil pirate magnets for the kids in attendance. I will post pictures soon.

In the meantime, one of my very first crafts was a name board for my soon to be Lil Man.  I had not found the glory of Cricut, mod podge or hot glue so it was rather basic. I love its simplicity!

Foam board
Wood letters
Wood Decals

We planned to do Lil Man's room in Jungle Theme so what better way to decorate than with lil animals.  First, I found a foam board that matched the color scheme. Second I painted the wood letters the same color as the accent wall in Lil Man's room.  Once that was dry I placed them on the foam board.  I love to do things zig zag for many reasons...I love how it looks but most of all I don't have to worry about it being straight on the board!

Once I had the letters placed where I liked them I started to experiment with the wood animals.  I placed some above the letters, some below and some on top. As added accents I used wood leaves.  Once I had them all placed I began to glue it all down letter by letter and animal by animal.

Originally I applied to t the wall with double sided tape but when we moved we realized just how hard that was to get off.  This time around I nailed in a picture hanger on the back and some green felt to the front (to cover the nails) and hung it up on the wall!

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