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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My plans for a restaurant book

With my sons just old enough to wreak havoc in restaurants we have had to find things for them to do that does not include banging spoons on the table or throwing toys around.

I have an idea that we shall see if it works.  I asked Lil Man's school to send home blank worksheets that they use to learn. Things like tracing letters, shapes and drawing his name. I plan to laminate them and stick them in a 3 ring binder.  Then I want to cut a paperdoll body with my cricut and with a metal sheet laminate it. Next I plan to cut lots of different outfits, hair, and accessories. I think I may add a I Spy page with things that would be common to restaurants.  

Ideas for Pages:
Dress the Boy
Letter Trace
Number Trace
Find the letter B (Lil Man's name starts with a B)
I spy
Trace my name
Matching Color/Shapes
Free Draw

Any other ideas. I want it to be fun but somewhat self contained.

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