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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bean Bags and Rice Warmer

I ordered some fabric scraps from a lady on Amazon and they came and they are great!  I love that I get a lot of different fabics and patterns without having to buy mass quantities.

One pattern stood out and was calling to be played with!  Cowbow Cows, super cute.

I am not a sew-er.  I can hand stitch very very minimally. I can add accents to shirts but that is about it. I may be able to sew back on a button....MIGHT.

So I thought I would try my glue gun.  I cut one squares and one rectangles of the cowboy cows. Then I cut a square and a rectangle of a matching fabric (an upcycpled play pen sheet that tore the first day we put it on the bed WTH).

Put the two fabrics right sides together and hot glued them around the edges leaving a little opening.  Once that was cool I turned it right side out. Filled one with beans and the other with rice and then glued the opening shut.

I now have two bags that my boys can throw around, or if you were my oldest, you would use them as props for your tools.

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