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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hair Bows

I have become a crazy woman...I have hair bows on the brain and I don't even have girls! 

I made one for my niece-in-law (my SIL's niece), one for my colleague's daughter to match the t shirt I am making for her, I have one that I plan to give to my sister for her daughter.  Crazy bows everywhere!

It has been fun making this tutorial work for me...I made one with tulle and fabric and it made it a little different.

After I got done with fabric I very quickly made up some rolled rose clips.  My sister just cut her hair and the blue one would look great!

It has been fun. I can mindlessly sit on the couch with Lil Man while he watches his evening cartoons before bed.  Now what the heck do I do with them all?!

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