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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bunnies take 2

So last Easter I made Bunny can tell it was my first attempt at candy blotchy...almost like the lil guys had some disease!

So take two was a little different but my year of experience paid off!

I made three different versions...

The first: Bunny nose mold for the Teachers.

Don't have step by step pictures for this...just melted pink melts, white melts and then combined some brown and white. Piped in some pink for the nose, let that dry.
Piped in some brown for the forehead, let that dry
Dumped white over them all and put a stick in it!

The second: The Oreo Bunny
I had a box of White Chocolate Oreos calling out to I made them for my Munchkins Spring Party.
First, cut ears out of Marshmallow stackers
Melt pink candy to attach the jelly bean nose
Melt white candy to attach mini chips for eyes
Melt white chocolate candy to attach the ears
Draw ear centers with Red Food Coloring (wish that it was not so RED)
and Tada!

The third: The  Bunny Lollipop
I had an aha moment that the White Fudge covered Oreos given to me by my SIL would be perfect! But I only had 3. After searching 3 stores and coming up empty I knew I could have to have a second item for Lil Man's class.  In a moment of pure genius I remembered the blank lollipop mold I bought for my Sisters party (more on that later). I could make a bunny out of that!!
 First step, pour white chocolate into mold and stick it.
Once set pull out.
Melt pink candy to attach jelly bean nose.
Melt white  candy to attach mini chips for eyes
Then I was stumped...ears...The marshmallows would not work...too big..
The great Bakerella used Pipe Cleaners for ears...but I did not have white.
Then another aha....I needed to bag them, why not make those into ears. So poke the stick through the bottom of the bag and gather the bag around the bunny. Using the pipe cleaners wrap it around the top.
Cut down the middle of the excess to minic ears and use the pipe cleaners to separate it.

A bunny was born!

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