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Monday, April 30, 2012


My bestest friend is a 4th grade teacher and I made it my mission this year to make her the COOLEST teacher in the school. I have created wreaths for her door for a handful of the big holidays.....

The Back to School Wreath (contents: crayons, sharpener, rulers, erasers, fake flowers)

The Halloween Wreath (contents: lots and lots of google eyes, and a sign)
(Ack, tracking missing picture.....)

The Thanksgiving Wreath (contents: lots and lots of tulle, and a sign)

The Valentine Wreath (contents: old red T Shirt, Felt hearts, heart ribbon)

The Spring Wreath (contents: old jeans, felt flowers, felt banner, twine, ladybug ribbon)

Next year I plan to create:
* a Winter one (ran out of time this year but I had the stuff to make a white yarn pom pom snowman on a cute snowflake fabric)
* a USA one
* St Patty's Day one

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