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Friday, April 27, 2012


So, I had my very first order for Cake Pops. A friend asked if I could make Ewoks for her 5 yo son's birthday party. I was up to the challenge...I looked for images and found one that looked doable. But it has no instructions. I used it as a starting point and went from there...

I used a basic Chocolate cake mix and a Funfetti cake mix and used my handy dandy Cake Pop maker. I LOVE this thing. 

Once they were made - I froze them. After a day in the freezer I stuck them with a lollipop stick and put them back in the freezer for an hour or so. 

Next comes the fun part!

I got some Candy Corns and cut the tips off. Using a lil melted chcolate and attached them to the top of the head and let those dry. 
Next dip the whole thing in chocolate...

These could be great base shapes for anything with ears (cats, bears..the list is endless)

By this time it was approaching 10pm so the pictures get a lil sparse...

I dipped the back of the head in a darker chocolate and then using a toothpick drew it around the head in the shape of a hoodie. Then with the dark brown I put a dot for eyes and a slash for a nose.
The final touch was fur. To do that I put lil lines of chocolate (two different colors) around the hoodie line and when the were a lil dry I used a toothpick to make them messy.  With a dry toothpick I just went through the line of chocolate . make sense?
And a closeup....
The final box was a painted Amazon box with a styrofoam block painted and covered with grass.  The background picture is an actual print of the Ewok forest, tree huts and all.

I hear the lil guy loved it!

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