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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have been away and have found a new love. CAKE POPS and Chocolate Lollipops. Oh FUN!

I have made pots of gold for St Patty's day, bunnies for Easter and now Ewoks for a lil boy's birthday party. Oh they are addicting...

So let's start with the Pots of gold.  I am thinking they can be turned into lots of things (seeing as I am sharing this late....)
1. First follow the standard Cake Pop Rules (roll or bake, stick and dip) BUT for this one don't shake off the extra chocolate. Turn it upside down on a sheet of wax paper. This will make it pool at the bottom and make the rim of the pot.

2. Once they set, pick up your perfectly shaped pot!

3. Now with a little bit of melted chocolate make a circle on the top of the pot, I used a little baby spoon to scoop it out and smear it on.
4. Sprinkle your gold sprinkles or sugar and you have a Pot of Gold
(you can see the many other colors I created in the background...I was aiming at all the colors of the rainbow)

The final product...
 Next up Bunnies....

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