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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This has not been my year...

My boys have been sick with bronchitis, sinus infections, pink eye, the runs, the flu and just about every other cold out there.

I decided that I wanted a new car the painful and expensive way by totalling my SUV.  I am fine, a little bruised and battered but nothing major.  I am now officially a Mini Van Driving Mom.  I love the new car but wish it had not come this way.

My hubby has quit his very stable state job and has decided to branch out into a small internet company, which means more hours, less health coverage and greater uncertainty.

Other than that things are good.  I am still working on a few crafts. I have been making bows out of everything. My Sister got pictures done and my SIL made a tutu and I made a matching hair bow for my lil 7 mo niece.  She is gorgeous!

I promise to come back oh great blog land.

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