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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Bathroom

I have been slowly personalizing my house (we moved in almost 2 years ago).  The whole house was the same exact beige flat paint.  The color was nice and neutral but it was ALL flat. Bathrooms are flat paint. Kitchen is flat paint. Pantry is flat paint. Hallways are flat paint. Bedrooms...yup you guessed it...flat paint.  So my first task was the tackle the places with the most traffic and the most dirt.  The boys bathroom was first. Next was the guest bathroom. It was the boring beige and in a room with no windows or natural light it was just dingy! I saw an idea for stripes and thought it looked divine! My idea was to make it into a beachy paradise. Brighten it up a bit. 
My beige bathroom

So as with all projects I started with paint.   I painted the entire bathroom a bright white. That alone made SUCH a difference.  Next up stipes. 
See, much better....
I fell in love with a bright aqua. With the help of my very patient geek we marked lines and taped using a laser level. Three stripes later and I LOVED it. 

I know I know, you are thinking, "Hey, I thought she said this room had no windows?!?"  And you'd be correct! BUT, I said to myself, "Self, that is no excuse!" A quick Amazon search and I found this great window to the beach.  A lil glue and some patience (again with my Geek's help) we had our very own beach view. My plan is to put up a valance and curtains to frame the window and give it a bit more Oomph. 

Just a lil taste of the room....

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