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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vinyl Love

OMG where have I been??? I purchased vinyl ages ago and was just plum scared to try it.  It looks so complicated. I was unsure how to cut it in my Cricut. I was baffled by the transfer tape. I was just unsure about it but I LOVED all the stuff in the blog world.

So for Teacher Appreciation I decided to just do it (cue uplifting music).

I bought these basic (plain) acryllic tumblers at Marshall's for $4. 

In addition I added colorful reusible ice cubes so that the Teachers can have cold drinks that don't get watered down.

Create my letters and shapes in Sure Cuts a Lot and CUT!

Next find vinyl in coordinating colors.

Attach mix and matched colors using contact paper and

Voila! Gorgeous cups ready for summer.

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